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Window and door services are also available for your convenience. Tecta America is the leading commercial nationwide roofing company in the U.S., and we are actively looking for good people to build our team. Ignite your future by adding your talent and experience to Tecta’s success.
If improved materials were used, taxpayers would need to focus on the expected life of the old roof versus the expected life of the new roof. For example, going from asphalt shingles (20-year life) to clay tile (50-year life) is a betterment that requires capitalization. Solar panels absorb natural sunlight and convert it into usable energy.
Transform unused roofing real estate into beautiful spaces for entertaining with Garland’s Functional Urban and Natural (F.U.N.) Roof Design Program. The Roofs In Need program is more than just providing a roof – it’s creating a stronger, more caring community. We accept nominations from across Colorado, ranging from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs, Boulder, Highlands Ranch, Greeley and, of course, Denver.
We give the same quality service and attention to every detail. As an example, the price of a new asphalt roof will vary depending on its accessibility, size, and pitch. Our strategy when helping a client is to build a strong relationship where we know and understand their goals and concerns. When you contact us for a free estimate on our services, we will come to you.
Secondly, the standard coil is painted using the first coat of paint –the solar reflective Kynar 500, following which it is cleaned and dried pristinely for the next process. Have your roof inspected by professionals annually to catch smaller problems. Address Barrie Roofing before they escalate into more serious issues. You can use a garden hose or leaf blower, but avoid pressure washing because it can cause damage.