Cookie Dough Fundraiser

You can run this fundraiser the same way you would run the cell phone fundraiser, or even host these simultaneously. This exciting fundraiser provides participants with an opportunity to showcase their gaming skills while raising money for a cause they care about. Plus, everyone will be vying for first place (even if the only prize is bragging rights).
Ask your audience members to donate a corresponding amount online. For example, $1 on December 1st, $15 on December 15th, and so on. You can collect cash or accept payments via fundraising kiosks or mobile giving terminals.
To do so, you can even offer exclusive perks to recurring supporters, such as limited-time merchandise, behind-the-scenes access to your organization, and more. An easy way to raise money and bring friends and family together after the passing of a loved one is to host a memorial dinner. Don’t be scared; it’s just your next creative fundraising idea! You don’t have to make the night all about raising money, but be sure to mention your crowdfunding campaign and encourage people to make donations.
An Easter Egg Roll is a fun, family-friendly activity that is great for the spring and Easter season. Invite participants to decorate hard-boiled eggs before lining up for the roll. The longer they dance, the more money they can potentially raise. Because a turtle race will likely take some time, try selling concessions and tickets to other activities while you wait to see the results. For young kids, there’s nothing more fun than a tea party, especially one attended by fairies!
Remember that even the simplest fundraising idea takes time and requires preparation. However, choosing Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas from this list is just the beginning. Get inspired by these, but talk to your team, your volunteers, and your donors – what would they like to see and take part in? Give yourself the opportunity to go outside of the box when it comes to this year’s fundraising. While peer-to-peer fundraising is a great fundraising technique for a variety of nonprofit organizations, it lends itself particularly well to medical research fundraising. This classic and proven fundraiser is often more formal than other fundraisers, with guests like corporate supporters, major donors, community leaders, and board members.