Discovering 오피아트(opart): Your Ultimate Guide to Chungcheong Business Information

In the ever-evolving world of online business directories, one name stands out – 오피아트(opart). This comprehensive platform specializes in providing valuable information about businesses in the Chungcheong region of South Korea. From its humble beginnings as ‘Optok’ to its transformation into ‘Opcity,’ and now, its current incarnation as ‘오피아트(opart),’ this platform has come a long way. In this article, we’ll take you on a journey through the history, significance, and features of 오피아트(opart).

The Name Opart Had in the Past

  1. Optok – The Birth of a Local Legend
    오피아트(opart) traces its roots back to its early days when it operated under the name ‘Optok.’ At that time, the platform primarily focused on businesses in the Daejeon area, which is known for its high concentration of small cities like Cheongju, Nonsan, and Gongju. ‘Optok’ capitalized on this unique characteristic by fostering partnerships with businesses in these small cities around Daejeon.

Local businesses soon recognized the effectiveness of partnering with ‘Optok’ over nationwide OP(Officetels) sites for advertising. This led to a surge in partnerships, firmly establishing ‘Optok’ as a trusted source for business information in Daejeon and the broader Chungcheong region.

  1. Opcity – A Name Change with a Purpose
    As ‘Optok’ gained immense popularity, it underwent a name change to ‘Opcity’ for internal reasons. While the transition caused some initial confusion among users, the platform’s management team’s relentless efforts ensured that ‘Opcity’ continued to thrive in the Chungcheong region. Such was the influence of ‘Opcity’ that it became synonymous with business listings for the entire Chungcheong region.

Now it’s 오피아트(opart)

Today, the platform has shed its previous identities and now proudly operates under the name “오피아트(opart).” Although the two previous name changes may have bewildered some users, the platform’s specialized approach to serving the Chungcheong region has remained constant.

One of 오피아트(opart)’s unique appeals lies in its image operation method tailored to the Chungcheong region. Users now recognize that 오피아트(opart) is the go-to source for all business-related information in Chungcheong. Moreover, the platform boasts a clean interface, swift and impressive performance, and is on par with the latest trendy platforms, garnering attention for its future potential.


In the dynamic landscape of online business directories, 오피아트(opart) stands as a testament to adaptability and excellence. From its beginnings as ‘Optok’ to its stint as ‘Opcity,’ and finally, its current iteration as ‘오피아트(opart),’ this platform has consistently served the Chungcheong region with dedication and efficiency.

With its strong local presence and commitment to providing valuable business information, 오피아트(opart) remains an essential resource for both businesses and consumers in the Chungcheong region.